Do you market with emails? Is sending emails a part of your business?

Here’s A Simple Technology That Can Help You Double, Triple And Even Quadruple The Clicks And Sales You Get From Your Email Campaigns

Boost The Engagements From Your Emails | Make Your Emails More Interesting | Increase Your Click-Through-Rate | Boosts Your Sales Revenue By 500%

Skeptical? Then Watch The Video Below To See How

Takes Only Three Steps That Can Be Completed In 60 Seconds:

  1. Choose the element you want to create. We have over 25
  2. Customize it the way you want…no tech or coding skills needed
  3. Copy the code to your autoresponder
Then sit back and watch the spike in your engagements and sales
Instead Of Sending Boring Emails That Makes Your Leads to Unsubscribe or Delete Your Emails, Use MailBoosta To Make Your Emails More Interesting And Interactive
Add videos from your desktop, YouTube or Vimeo to your emails.
Add interactive forms to your emails
Add opinion polls to your emails.
Add countdown timers to your emails to induce scarcity
Add a self-destructing message in your email
Add attention-grabbing call-to-action buttons in your emails
Embed Google maps that point to your business location within your emails
Embed your Facebook, Twitter And Instagram posts within your email

And more than 20 other elements you can embed in your emails

Which Would You Prefer?



High Open rate
High Engagements
Low Unsubscribe rate
Low Rate email deletion
High Click-through-rate
Massive Sales from email campaigns
Huge Revenue and profits from your campaigns
I can boldly guess you’d prefer emails with MailBoosta elements

Here’s How Our Email Campaigns Look Like When We Use MailBoosta VS When We Don’t

[Image of with MailBoosta] VS [Image of without MailBoosta]

The click rate you see above have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales for our products

Even Our Beta Testers Are Excited With This This technology

Now, You Can Use The Same Technology Used
By Big Companies Around The World…

For A Fraction Of The Cost


The Funniest Email I Ever Read
Don’t Fall For Gimmicks Like That

I opened my email the other day and saw an email from a popular marketer in our space It read: “Email marketing is dead – time to make a switch”
I burst out laughing after opening and reading the email
Here’s someone using email to tell me that email marketing is dead
Of course, he was trying to sell me a social media marketing program, and so had to tell me that social media is the new thing
And yet, he was using email to tell me that
If email marketing was dead, then he wouldn’t even bother sending me an email in the first place

The Truth Is:
Email Marketing Is Even Growing More Than Ever – I’ll Tell You How And Why

When it comes to making sales, emails still trump every other method

Let me tell you why:

When people go to social media, they go there to get entertained, and not to buy

So, getting the attention of someone on social media, when you aren’t sharing cat pictures or memes, is hard

And even when you get the person’s attention, you will have a hard time convincing them to forget the fun they came to have on social media, into visiting your website or offer page

But on the other hand, when people open their emails, they are tuned to business mode, and so are more susceptible to clicking links, and buying stuff

Research Proves Me Right On This

The data from Pew Research proves all these

Unfortunately, Email Marketing Works
Only If You Know What You’re Doing

Yes, email marketing remains the best method to sell your products and services online

But there’s one big problem: competition

You see, the fight for attention in your customer’s emails have increased…an average person receives 50-100 emails per day

And the only escape route for most subscribers is deleting or unsubscribing from senders with boring or non-engaging contents

The big question is:

Once you figure this out, you can easily crush those competing with you inside your subscribers’ inbox

You’ll also get more engagements and clicks that translate to more sales and more profits for you

PLUS, you will get lesser unsubscribes, and your subscribers will rarely delete your emails

So, tell me, would you want that?

If you answered YES, then I’m going to show you exactly how to achieve that


A simple but powerful tool that turns boring emails into
highly interactive emails that your users will love to read and engage with…

…emails that translate to more clicks and more sales, booking or whatever you’re promoting through your email

With MailBoosta, You Can Add These Attention-Grabbing And Highly Interactive Elements To Your Emails With Zero Coding Skills:

Add autoplay videos inside your email

People love videos, and the mere fact that videos are embedded in your emails will increase your engagement rate by more than 300%

Add A Yes/No Bar To Your Emails

Your subscribers to answer a People love videos, and the mere fact that videos are embedded in your emails will increase your engagement rate by more than 300%

Let Your Subscribers Give You Feedback With Just A Click

People love videos, and the mere fact that videos are embedded in your emails will increase your engagement rate by more than 300%

Add A Form To Your Email

If you want your subscribers to fill any form, MailBoosta can let them fill it within your email without leaving. If they have to leave your email to fill the form, chances are that a huge percentage will not do it. MailBoosta allows you to collect the data from them without them having to close your email

Add Scarcity Bar In Your Email

If you want to let your subscribers act fast, then let them know they have limited options or quantity. With MailBoosta, you can embed a scarcity bar in your emails to induce more responses to your offer

Add Countdown Timer In Your Emails

Our favourite element, which boosted our clicks and sales by 500%. It allows you to add live countdown timers to your emails. This will put your subscribers under pressure to do whatever you want them to from the email

Add Call-To-Action Buttons

Whether you want your subscribers to buy, call you, book a call or any other action, use this element to create a call-to-action button that is attention-grabbing and elicits clicks

Add Product Gallery inside your email

If you’re into eCom, you can display multiple products within your email and have users click on the one they want and buy straight away. You can do this in 60 seconds with this element

Add A Cool Signature to Your Emails

Look more professional in your emails by using these classy signature elements in your email. It displays your picture, name, position and even contact details within your email

Add Your Social Badges To Your Emails

You want your subscribers to follow you on your social media handles. So, adding this element will enable your subscribers to follow you on the social media platforms of your choice

Add A Social Share Button In Your Email

You sure will like your subscribers to share your email content with their friends and families, right? This element will make that possible. It takes only one click to do this

Add Self-Destructing Message To Your Email

Imagine the possibility of sending email content that disappears after a set period of time. Maybe a coupon, a secret password, or whatever you deem confidential. This is what you can achieve with this element

Embed Google Map To Your Email

Now, you don’t have to send people your address and keep them guessing. Simply add your business address to this element and it will show your location on the map for your subscribers. They simply click and get the direction to your business location

Embed GIFs In Your Email

GIFs are now popular. What about embedding them in your emails to make people smile or laugh? This is what you can do with this element

Add Product Slide To Your email

You can display slides of different products with its description in your emails, and your subscribers can click to buy the one they want. You could also use this to display your services if you offer more than one service

Display Your Social Media Posts Within Your Email

Have an interesting content on your Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, and you want people to go check it out and engage with it?
Simply use this element. It will show the preview in your email so your subscribers see the post. And once they click it, they can visit the post and engage there

Embed YouTube And Vimeo Videos Within Your Email

No need to send your video links to people…it doesn’t look enticing to click. Rather use this element to let them see a preview of the video, and they will excitedly click on it

Add Product Slide To Your email

You can display slides of different products with its description in your emails, and your subscribers can click to buy the one they want. You could also use this to display your services if you offer more than one service

And These Elements Can Work With Practically Every Autoresponder

It’s Super Easy To Use -
Watch A Quick Demo Of How It Works


Get More Engagements

Interactive elements like videos, polls, forms, etc make your subscribers spend more time reading your emails and engaging with them. Your subscribers will take more actions when there are interactive elements, unlike when they receive the usual bland emails they are used to

Get More Opens

The more engaging your emails, the more your subscribers will be eager to open your emails. And when your subscribers open your email often, your emails will land more in their inbox than in the spam or promotion folder

Get More Clicks

When you use the elements from MailBoosta in your emails, you’re going to get 500% more clicks than you will get if you don’t use it. You can redirect almost all the elements you create with MailBoosta to any link of your choice. PLUS the scarcity and countdown timer elements also make your users want to click so they don’t miss out

Get More Sales And Profits

And with more clicks comes more sales. The more eyes that see your offer, the more likely that you’re going to get more sales. In our business, we see up to 800% more sales whenever we add MailBoosta elements in our emails. We’ve shown you the proofs above

Get Lower Unsubscribes And Deletions

Whenever a subscriber gets a boring email, they either delete or unsubscribe from the email list. But if your emails are engaging, interactive and interesting, then they will stick more and look forward to your next email. Isn’t this what you want?

Who Is This For?

This is for practically every individual or business that uses email marketing as part of their business
Ecom businesses that send new product catalogues/releases to their subscribers while offering discounts
Digital marketers promoting new products to their customers through email
Content creators that want to add a preview of their content through email to drive more clicks
Professional service providers that want to get feedback or get data about their service through emails
Coaches and consultants who want more bookings for their service. Their subscribers can book appointments from within their email
Affiliate marketers that want to drive urgency to their offers through the urgency inducing elements in MailBoosta
Freelance copywriters that want to add a new dimension to the email copy they write for their audience
And just about anyone who uses emails in their business

See What Beta Testers Are Sharing About MailBoosta

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It comes with a mailing suggestion.

That means each day, you don’t have to worry about email ideas to share with your subscribers each day. You’ll get email content suggestions for each day you want to email them

It comes with email templates:

That way, you don’t have to worry about what to write. Just go to the template library, pick the template that fits what you want to write for the day, edit it to fit your style, and push

Comes With A Form Builder

That way, you don’t have to worry about what to write. Just go to the template library, pick the template that fits what you want to write for the day, edit it to fit your style, and push

Here’s My Big Question To You

If you can get 5X more engagements, more clicks and most importantly, more revenue from your email campaign with this simple but powerful app, how much will you pay for it?

If you can reduce the number of unsubscribes you get from each email you send, and reduce the likelihood of your emails being deleted by your subscriber, how much will that be worth to you?

For us, this has brought us extra 6 figures in revenue, and so even if we pay a thousand dollars for it, it’ll be worth it

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So, you have absolutely nothing to lose on this

In case You Just Skimmed The Page And Landed Here, This Is A Recap Of All These Long Stories We Put Up There…hahaha!

  1. Email marketing remains the best way to market anything online. In terms of results and returns on investment, it beats social media, ads, YouTube, blogs or any other marketing media by a landslide
  2. While email marketing is king, it’s highly competitive, and that’s why you need to stand out, so your subscribers can enjoy your email, click your links and buy your offer
  3. To achieve this, you need to add engagement boosters in your email that will result in higher clicks and ultimately, more sales
  4. MailBoosta helps you create and add these highly interactive elements that boost your open rates, and click-through-rates in 60 seconds…no coding is needed
  5. The result is more opens, more clicks, more sales, and more money in the bank
  6. MailBoosta is available at just a one-time payment of $69 only until the timer on this page hits zero
  7. In addition to getting MailBoosta, you’ll also get free access to an email sending software (autoresponder) we’re building. NOTE: It goes live next month, and you will get it for free when it goes live
  8. The autoresponder aside from just helping you send emails, will give you access to mailing suggestions, email templates, form builder, bonus repository and SMTP
  9. This autoresponder bonus is available ONLY to the first 100 buyers
  10. There are also three additional bonuses available to you if you order today. You can get details of it just above this section
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  12. Lastly, you’re covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee…so no risk involved on your end

Since you risk absolutely nothing by trying this, quickly get your access before the timer hits zero



Patrick Enyum

Software creator and digital marketer